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Apemania 03-04-2011 03:42 PM

Dale and the Troll
Felt inspired to write a story after me and my brother joked about role playing
as bards in DnD. I hope you enjoy it and find it entertaining.

Dale and the Troll

There once was a man, a brave young lad with the strength of ten young
children. He lived in a village, that was boring and dull for no action it had
seen for some time. When darkness had fallen, the trolls came to town and
they took both livestock and ladies. He brandished his blade, on a quest he
did go to save the village's fair maidens.

Oh Dale, my good dale
You are wise as you are bold, braving the horrors of the night.
Oh Dale, my good dale
You are stout as you are feared, battling your own chill and fright.

As he plowed through the woods, he caught a foul stench and knew where
the trolls were now hidden. With the grace of an ox, he snuck to their lair
for no eyes were searching for him. Then he saw in his fright, the hideous
beast which which was both taller and broader than him. With his girlishly
cry, he charged towards the fiend to try to slay the dreaded foe.

Oh Dale, my good dale
Never a thought did you offer, acting on instinct alone
Oh Dale, my good dale
This could be your undoing, your tomb in this cavern of stone

With a terrorising shriek, the troll tossed Dale aside and throwing him across the dark cavern. Dale slammed into the wall, gasping for air as he viewed at
his monstrous fiend. As the troll closed in, the cave shook with a deafening
roar... it seemed that the troll was now hungry. In his desire to consume, he
lept towards Dale and crashed in the wall next to him. With the troll now
defeated, Dale rose from the ground and claimed the prison keys from his foe.

Oh Dale, my good dale
Luck still shines upon you, you thought you were done for this time
Oh Dale, my good dale
Death maybe forgot you, but he still has your name on his mind.

As Dale wandered the halls, he heard a faint voice, was it here that he was
out searching. His heart leaping with joy, he rushed to her aid and indeed
his eyes were not deceived. In a rotten old cage, the maiden did lie as well
as others from the village as well. With the key in hand, he freed the
captives and the all quickly rushed out from there. As the morning sun rose,
the villagers were free thanks to Dales valiant attempt. The trolls were slain
by a wandering champion, and the village was peaceful once again.

Oh Dale, my good dale
Your adventure ended well indeed, the beast will trouble no more
Oh Dale, my good dale
You acted in the hour of need, that tale will not go untold.

Thaenor 04-18-2011 12:21 PM

I really enjoyed reading it. : )

Satyr 05-11-2011 03:40 PM

This are some great lyrics for actual bard song! I play in a medieval/pagan folk band and i could add music to it! Unfortunately my english pronunciation is quite bad. If you record yourself reading or chanting this I would love to play some chords over it. What do you think? :shroom: (I just HAD to add the mushroom icon, sorry :D )

EDIT: I already composed the music, now I only need someone to do the talking, lol :D

Thaenor 05-14-2011 07:56 AM

well I've been sort of practising singing and I'd love to take this challenge.
If both Apemania and Satyr agree I'd like to help out singing these lyrics.

Satyr 05-19-2011 08:50 AM

Sounds good to me! Find me in skype:havoc_bg or e-mail me at and we can make the song in one evening ;)

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