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Evail Frog 09-27-2011 06:58 AM

Scout with Bow Dilemma help me decide
Okay here is my dilemma
Bow 1. Poison Spreader of the Gambler (Green)
339-631 ~485 +762 to Dexterity

Bow 2. Poison Spreader of the Gambler (Red)
287-683 ~485 +774 to Dexterity

Bow 3 in the store for 187000+1 mushroom Poison Spreader of the Gambler (Green)
328-652 ~490 +752 to Dexterity

I am not sure what bow would be my best to go with all the time or which bow I should keep in reserve for dungeons or raids. or if it is better to just sell one but which one should I sell.

I know the low hit and high hit spread is probably the greater bow because of the higher Dex bonus ( and that is good but the low hit on it bothers me a little) but how do the other 2 bows compare.

That one in the store has a 490 hit with a min of 328 so how does it compare to the -485 with the minimum 339 with greater dex bonus ?

How does the damage calculation work into all this with the one at 485 and the other at 490 does that bit really mean that much of a difference ? How would I go & calculate that in the future? if I again have this sort of choice.

So what should I do here I have 3 excellent bows to choose from. all are excellent choices, but what one should I select to go with?

Consider this I normally only find a good replacement bow once or twice a month. I do not buy mushrooms & I have a 30% mount good for 28 more Days and only 1 mushroom left. I still have 45% thirst left to finish as well.

So what is a Frog to do in this situation ?

demonwarrior 09-27-2011 07:22 AM

attack same person with different bows (that is what i do in s2 when i don't which sword to choose for myself)


i keep 1 random weapon and keep it until new good weapon pop up in the store

Edited: if you only have 1:shroom: don't waste on weapon. There are always new weapon every day.
Buy 30% mount.

Vizari 09-27-2011 07:50 AM

Calculate your weapon damage and compare it to another weapon. This tool will tell you your low damage, your high damage, your average damage, and which of the bows has the best damage.

2: You note down the colours why? Colours are completely random and have nothing at all to do with the stats. Nor does the type of bow matter.

Jengas 09-27-2011 09:45 AM

but colors could mean a 0.01% exp bonus increase... :D

Leander 09-27-2011 11:11 AM

You can also attack a dungeon monster several times with bow 1, then with bow 2...and see which of the two weapons is the best.

Keeping both bows is not that bad either. There isn't always the "best" weapon in general as your opponents vary (if they are warriors, scouts or mages).

The damage calculator Vizari posted comes in handy, too.

Evail Frog 09-27-2011 05:12 PM

The website here

It is telling me that my best bow to go with out of all three
328-652 -490 +752 Problem is it costs a mushroom where as the other 2 are free. I think I would rather use that mushroom to get another 14 days on the mount instead.

The next best bow Is as the majority of my guild told me and what i finally decided to go with is Bow 1 339-631 -485 +762

I noted the Colours cause I like green & I am not a fan of the way the red looks

And I will go with Leanders suggestion of keeping them both and switch out as needed there may be a time I will need a larger dexterity than a greater over all percentage of damage.

Charista 09-27-2011 11:54 PM

I assume the stat bonus on all three is Dex.

Bow 2 is the superior for killing dungeons. While it can have inferior damage when it rolls poorly, it can roll higher than Bow 1, so has a chance of killing things Bow 1 cannot.

I cannot tell you if Bow 3 is better, because I don't know your Dex without the bow. You're giving up 22 Dex for +1% base damage, so if your Dex is 2200 or less, you're better with Bow 2.

Darstard 09-28-2011 05:52 AM

Based on the names of the bows, I was assuming they were all +LUCK weapons in which case my suggestion was to stick with whatever one he's holding until a better +DEX or +CON bow comes along.
Evail (and any others who may post with similar questions), the way you wrote the weapon stats makes it very hard to read. Name and color are fine, but you have too many hyphens on the next line. There is a ~ key if you want to use that symbol, but DMG yyy-xxx AVG zzz would have worked fine too. You also should really specify what stat the +7nn value is for at the end, please.

Evail Frog 09-28-2011 07:09 AM

I went with Bow 1 for the majority of my battles and kept Bow 2 in my back pack

I will swap it in & out whenever I can use that extra Bit of Dex bonus more than the base damage multiplyer.

And all bonus for my bows or armour would be dexterity unless I stated otherwise.

My total Dexterity with Bow 1 = 4950

My total Dexterity with Bow 2 = 4962

Bow 2 would be the better bow if I was calculating just for the Dexterity bonus and not concerend about the overal damage spread. Bow 1 is the superior bow with it dealing out a more consistent tighter group of damage which in many battles is more benificial than the critical max hit. which can just as easily flop with a low roll..

BMWGuinness 09-28-2011 09:12 AM

Here is my rules of thumb for a non-shroomer:

30% Mount at all times (and always keep 1 mushroom available for mount purchases)

Use mushrooms ONLY for beer and mounts

Use gold ONLY for stat upgrades and mounts and non-mushroom-PoEL (and guild if/when necessary)

Never buy equipment upgrades from shops (only PoEL and Scrapbook)

When choosing quests, highest avg exp is best, unless there is a better equipment upgrade available. Sell the old equipment immediately

Wait to attack dungeons monsters until they are equal level

Attack lower level players in the Hall of Fame based upon their Scrapbook

If you're not actively playing for up to 10 hours, get your butt into the city guard

If you're already in a Guild and you are happy, don't even read your messages, ignore them entirely, WHO CARES who attacked you, and for what reason. The only time you should be reading messages is for joining a guild.


Stat Upgrades: (again, this is MY rule of thumb)

Primary Stat = 25%
Constitution = 25%
Luck = 20%
Others = 15%

Don't worry about making the primary stat higher than constitution, this should happen naturally as you acquire equipment. I go by the 3, 2.5, 2 rule
Primary = 3, Const = 2.5, Luck = 2

Multiply the modifier by the attribute value, and whichever is the highest is the one you should get (this is assuming you're happy with the other factors ie damage, armor, etc)

for instance:

Bow + Primary of 200 = 600 value
Bow + Constitution of 245 = 612.5 value
Bow + Luck of 320 = 640 value

Therefore, in this case, you would choose the Luck Bow

Disclaimer: usually the only times that the Luck or Constitution are considerably higher than the primary is when the item is EPIC

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