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Crazy Edd 12-28-2015 12:48 PM

Fortress: Archer/Mage Build during upgrades
I start an upgrade to my archery guild and it will take 4 days (okay I'm willing to wait). On day 2 I get raided and all archers are eliminated.
Now I have real problems. I cannot build archers to defend my fortress because of the upgrade.
Does this mean I am out of luck?
This should mean that fortifications do not count on defense as they are being upgraded.
Basically this is a mess. The players that hit and broke my defense would do that anyway but now all other players can break me because I cannot build defense for a couple more days.

bobo baggins 12-28-2015 01:23 PM

Yes this has been an issue for awhile I know me and others have complained about this issue. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

My suggestion is let us make new troops just make it take longer if the building those troops use is being upgraded.

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