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Evail Frog 03-12-2011 11:56 AM

Into the Depths of hell
To keep our family and friends safe
we creep on down below
into the monsters keep

we go into face the beasts of hell
we go to almost certain death
we of Legendary vow to fight
until our very last breath

Into the Dark Gloom beneath
Down into face the teeth
Far beneath the earthen crust
we of Legendary do as we must

May our faith be strong and keep us safe
for far below the monsters wait
Should we fail and fall
may the God over death
have mercy on us all.

Composed by Eva the not so Evil frog on this 12 day of march 2011

Thaenor 04-18-2011 11:16 AM

I love it...
5* : )

Evail Frog 07-31-2012 12:38 PM

Should it be we who are to die Be afraid?
Should it be we who are to die

We fight for what we want, We Fight to win. We fight to survive. We fight to stay alive.
We fight for what we believe. We fight against tyranny. We fight against injustice.
We fight for our right to live free. We pledge to die if we must.

Should it be we who are to die. Be it by arrows swift flight Or should it be we are to die by Crossbows bolt. Should it be we who are to die be afraid ? I say No, We are not afraid!

Should it be that we die by Mages spell, or should it be we are to die by the warriors blade. Shall we be afraid? No! No! I say. We few that live free, we fight for our right to die as free men for we are not anyones slave.

Shall we fear the call of the grave? Nay! Nay! I say, We fear it not this day... For I know why we fight, we fight for our rights. We fight for our right to be here. For our right to stand free beneath the sun, the stars & the forrests canopy. We fight & shall die to stand free beneath the moon in the nights sky.

Look out across the plains do you not see the clouds that float tranquilly by. Should it be this is the day that I die? Free men are you & I, look out at that majestic blue sky and tell me dost that tree bow before man? Nay it does not & neither shall I. But gladly say I, that here I will bend my knee. To give thanks, praise to the Creator above & my Mother below.

I am a free man. For, I stand in peace at one with the Great Spirit at one with the wind that rushes through the Willows. I watch & see the tree that won't bend in the wind, break, as I watch the tree that bends survive...

If I have learned one thing one bit of wisdom & that I share here this day, today and tomorrow and tomorrows, tomorrow. for they to shall see me standing strong, free & brave.

For I have learned to conquer my fears.

I accept that one day, hopefully not anytime soon, that I to shall answer the call of the Grave & become one with the earth my Mother and give back to her as she gave to me.

Never look back in regret look to the future for it is here & it is today. Will you be the tree that bends or the tree that breaks ?

Just what is it you fear? For all will answer that call of the grave there is no escape. Life is temporary

fear = slavery = death

acceptance = freedom
freedom = tranquility = peace

peace of soul & peace of mind.

Tuesday July 31 2012
Written by Devan Aka Evail Frog

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