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BMWGuinness 08-04-2017 11:17 AM

Server Mergers Discussion
Looks like its happening


an official statement today for server consolidation.
One has consulted and a decision was made.

We will advance this August (2017), the server mergers.

The following is planned, the schedule should work:

The servers 2DE to 5DE will start, but not torn out of the live operation, so that we do not fly around our ears, but we will create our own test environment.
A separate betaserver, which is switched off after the test phase.
Each account, the server S2DE - S5 DE is cordially invited to participate in an open beta test.
To do this, everyone, the respective server, can log on to the test system and in case of emergency, nothing is broken.
More about this later in the news.

Many greetings,
your Shakes and Fidget Team


it is clear that we will merge servers S2De, S3DE, S4DE, S5DE. This is the first to test without the servers themselves.

If all this is great and no mistakes occur, then we will perform it live.

Which servers are put together afterwards is solely our decision.
Here we also have technical requirements, which we have to adhere to.
(For example, there may not be too many servers.)

As far as external servers are concerned, it is also necessary to check the legal requirements with the partners.

The prestigious Server 1DE will probably never be put together.

It goes without saying the too young server will not be put together.
(What exactly does that mean I can not decide,

But it must not be a matter of months, but must be a matter of years.) Preliminary conclusion:
No one can know beforehand what a merger does.
It could be great, but it could also hate everyone.
If after the beta everyone is happy and it is then put live, there can still be a Shitstorm if those who have never heard of our discussion and voting are suddenly confronted with new guilds and players.
Only after maybe new guilds and mergers have formed, one can estimate whether the community on the affected servers is beneficial.
Only then can we evaluate statistics, whether it was a good, or stupid idea.

If we have to put an excessive number of players into the inactivity, then we will let this happen in the future.

All in all, we have great stomach pains, as far as the subject is concerned.

Many greetings,

MedusasSnakes 08-06-2017 02:06 PM

I will be very, very curious to see how this works.

I've been very against it in the past. I honestly never thought they would do it, but I was wrong.

I'm going to hold off kicking and screaming until I see how they are going to do the merges.

Thanks for posting this. I rarely go over to the DE forum because the translations suck (and which I can figure out what Holle is saying, it still isn't great), so I normally wouldn't have seen this news.

BMWGuinness 08-07-2017 08:46 AM

For Reference, Age of US Servers

s1 - 7.5 Years (March 2010)
s2 - 7 years (June 2010)
s3 - 6.75 Years (December 2010)
s4 - 6.25 Years (June 2011)
s5 - 6.25 Years (July 2011)
s6 - 6 Years (August 2011)
s7 - 6 Years (September 2011)
s8 - 5.5 Years (February 2012)
s9 - 4.75 Years (November 2012)
s10 - 3.75 Years (November 2013)

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