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iTZKooPA 11-19-2012 08:53 AM

Shakes & Fidget Fixing Mirrors, Climbing Towers Soon!
Playa Games is proud to announce that the latest Shakes & Fidget content patch containing the Magic Mirror and The Tower will be heading to international servers soon. Currently, undergoing live testing on German Server 1 (, the patch is a two new features and a special high-level dungeon featuring 100 new monsters based on fairy tales, folk lore and fantasy.

The Magic Mirror
Characters can find the 13 shards of the broken Magic Mirror on quests (Tavern) starting at Level 50. Drag and drop these shards onto your character to activate them (similar to potions). Collect all 13 shards to restore the Magic Mirror again. Its magic ability lets you go on quests while your mirrored alter ego can fight in the Arena (dungeons or Tower) at the same time.

Hint: If you’re already carrying a shard in your backpack you cannot find another one. Be sure to consume it right away!

The Tower
After completing dungeon 9, players will receive access to dungeon 10 and to the Tower. With the help of three followers - a warrior, a scout and a mage - you can fight your way through the Tower's 100 floors. The followers can be leveled up (click the + next to their levels) and equipped with class-specific items from the Arcane Toilet. Your gold bonus increases by 1% for each floor completed. Epic items for your followers can be found during the adventure (not for your class though).

Example: You’re a mage. Your followers are a warrior, a scout and a mage. You can only find equipment for warriors and scouts in the tower but not for mages (as you are a mage yourself).

Hint: The epic items you find in the Tower cannot be sacrificed in the Arcane Toilet. Moreover, you don't receive gold for the Tower items you sell in the shops.
Hint: Your followers' maximum level cannot exceed your own level!
Hint: Defeating the Tower monsters doesn't add new stickers to your scrapbook!

This thread will be updated with additional information as Playa provides it.

Current changelog:
  • New content: The Magic Mirror (see above)
  • New content: The Tower (see above)
  • Arcane Toilet: some Tower-related changes. These will be described further when the manual is updated.
  • Rounded gold rewards for higher levels (no more silver)
  • Improved armor randomization, fewer low-armor items generated
  • New text after consuming 300 Thirst for Adventure
  • Fixed a bug that permanently blocked attacks on inactive guilds

Please discuss the content patch at the Official Discussion thread.

iTZKooPA 11-20-2012 10:44 AM

You'll know the server has been updated when you're on v1.70.479 (or higher). You can check in the Options menu.

iTZKooPA 11-21-2012 09:28 AM

The Magic Mirror/Tower content patch changelog has been modified after beta testing:

+ New shortcut for the Water Closet (This will act like the gambling shortcut when you mouseover the “Tavern” menu button)
+ You can see how many tower levels a player has done when you look at the player's Medal of Heroism

Removed features (expected after further testing):
- Improved armor randomization, fewer low-armor items generated
- New text after consuming 300 Thirst for Adventure

Expect the patch to go live across all servers soon!

iTZKooPA 11-23-2012 08:42 AM

The patch is expected to go online shortly (the next hour or two) for all international versions, except Japanese and Arabic servers. Those regions are still awaiting translation.

Get prepared!

iTZKooPA 11-27-2012 07:18 AM

Few changes from Playa regarding the upcoming patch and how it mingles with the Arcane Toilet of the Gods and new basic toilet rules:
  • You don't receive gold for the Toilet of the Arcane Gods items you sell to the shops!
  • If you sacrifice an item and receive mana for the tank and a new item, then you don't get mana for the just-rewarded item the next day again!
  • Tower items cannot be sacrificed to the Gods.
  • The Gods prefer epic items! Standard item: 25 mana points, epic item: 50 points, potions: 10 points. The points required to flush the toilet increase with each flush.
  • If a sacrifice exceeds the Mana Tank's current maximum the remaining points are lost.
  • The epic items from the Toilet of the Arcane Gods don't add stickers to your scrapbook!

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