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Leander 01-22-2010 02:14 PM

Login problems
In case you cannot log in to the game, carefully read the error message. Login problems can be due to...

1) ...incorrect login data

Make sure your login data are correct. Check your spelling and Caps Lock or Shift Lock, too. If you lost your password we can send you a new one.

2) ...a banned account

Send an in-game ticket.

3) ...technical issues with our servers

In rare cases the servers might be down or the game might not be accessible due to bugs and errors. Check the forums.

4) ...automatic backup

We back up our system every day at 4 AM. All users are automatically logged out and our servers are down for five to ten minutes.

5) updates for Shakes & Fidget

When a new update is installed the game cannot be accessed.

5) ...technical problems with your software

a) delete your temporary internet files

b) press F5 to reload the game (when the game is active in a browser window)

c) update your Java Runtime Environment:

d) update your Flash Player:

e) if behind a router/firewall forward the ports 8000-8050 and port 843 (TCP).

f) update your Firefox or Internet Explorer

g) some computers (at University, school, at work) cannot run Shakes & Fidget as some ports are blocked

h) in case you are using UMTS disable "highperformance client".

i) Ubuntu: use the code Western ISO-8859-15.

If this list does not solve your problem send an in-game ticket with your account name and server and explain how and when your problem occured.

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