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Originally Posted by iTZKooPA View Post
Official patch notes are live. Check em out.

Please use the official discussion thread for follow-ups.
This becomes confusing for a while - that one has no beginning, this one cuts off...

Why not merge the two then instead of having two of the same.


Originally Posted by Vizari View Post
Con pots affect the amount of con points. PoEL pots affect the amount of hp a con point is worth. So, PoEL simply make con pots more potent.

Haven't tried more than 3 pots, but I assume you can only use 3 pots still.

Pots stack as duration, of course. Would make shroomers insanely strong if the stat points stacked. Use 50 con pots, get 30 mill hp as mage. :p
Hahaha...! Um... never mind my question then... You're right, of course.
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