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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
Yes I see that and if you look 2 days later we had an update they have said nothing about the one we are now waiting for only place I have seen or heard about it being dicussed is the German forum.
That is the problem of the lacking information flow Hamburg -> Com. Managers.

Around 3rd birthday in the chat, not in forum: from officials: "an update was planned for the birthday" ... 1st part end of August "item compare"

In between in the bloodgame forum: The officials declare - Playa working on a new game (see chat or unwanted commercial mail for non S&F related content) + nearly the whole team was at gamescon or something else in germany including preparation etc.

Conclusion without details: the dev team is extremly small and assigned to too many projects as they can handle. Moneytalk knowing what was earned 2011 (public available in registers for companies as required by law) and seeing the rough distribution players/game = S&F gets too little for its input

That it is still unclear what the mirror and "more" is feels like the carrot infront of the mule - you'll get "something" (1:0 mule, knows what he gets ) when it is done, even if the plan should say:
"we are working on feature x, this is ... - we're are terrible sorry for delays based on unlucky combinations of illness, vacation and new family members for some staff members that put us behind the time plan. As "compensation" we're adding y, a feature that is ... and requesting more patience for approx. N months including the beta testing"

Overdue is stlll a kind word for something that was requested since 2010 and asked for ideas from the community 2011 (I don't know the reason why this was german only )

Funny things you see in this context if you're looking for Highrollers commenting - so much negative feedback even if they were the ones that kept the game running.
Best example cited by mind:
Chainbo (50K on single account, total value of public visible shrooms in videos ~ 3500 Euro): I would guess I financed already 1 of your paychecks
Official response: Glad you know what I'm earning in sarcastic manor.
I see it this way: I don't know what you're earning, but for this sentence I know what you're deserving

It is difficult to look at the forum active community in the right way:
80% contributing little or nothing to the income, but having strong wishes (free, less favoring of shroomers and cheering for every little thing)
20% contributing regular or much and having clearly different wishes (content for ongoing, balancing, warning for effects of designs (yes pre D13 release), benefits for the paying/long time paying (like cheaper after Level 300))
20% getting overvoiced - yes
getting ingnored - sadly too often
getting finally something - we'll see, for many too late already
PlayerId > 50K on the main server
1 month without guild and shrooms
Guild build up for a bunch of nonshroomers Top 200 -> Top 5 without mergers and without using the name of old times

Leaving based on activity decline

Officer in the Top 1 guild and sort of co-leader for > 1.5 years
> Lvl 300 10/30/12 as 17th player (stopping financing)
> 17/5xK is either a sign for a superior player or the warning sign for the deaths of many before

> 11/23/13 retiring as guild officer