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The new game mentioned above was fully revealed yesterday, Krakout HD. It's been available in the app stores for iOS and Android devices for a few weeks, but Playa continued development after release for some added polish. It costs $0.99 (depending on the store/region). There will be more information on the game in the news section shortly.

The mention of mere "weeks" was true, at the time, but game development can be finicky. That being said, the patch was largely delayed because the main beta tester was on holiday when it was ready for testing. Playa is a small independent studio and juggles its development between a few games for portfolio diversification, but the content is coming.

As for your last point, balancing the wants and needs of paying players versus free players tends to be the largest challenge for these types of games. Playa has done well in balance, but needs to speed up content creation.