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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
Yeah I know I can understand with some things maybe keeping it a secret but the exp drop I don't think it should be. I know ppl on int forum were talking about not having it anymore so it makes me wonder if it was talked about on the German forum. maybe one of our German players who visit here can enlighten us with a link to the answer there and a translation.
I saw the "XP BRAKES" thread on the Int forum. That thread was again, talking about things that might change or that were going to change, but have not yet. I even commented on that thread and said, "We don't KNOW anything yet, so let's wait and see what happens until things are confirmed." Or something like that

Stupid me - I've been waiting all this time for confirmation and details. I've been playing through the 326-399 levels not paying any attention to experience, foolishly thinking there would be an announcement when the exp mechanics changed. I hit level 400 and thought, Huh, the pets really helped get through the exp drop - awesome.

rvm1975, my apologies for hijacking your thread.
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