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Originally Posted by Bullbound View Post
City Guard gold is calculated at the end of the shift. The amount will go up if your guild bonus goes up during your City Guard too.
Bah, I lost 5 mill gold following this advice. I set up the city guard to finish on Sunday (doing less hours than I would usually do to get the 5 times bonus). Checked on Monday morning and I didn't get the extra gold, it appears to be based on when you collect the gold for the duty rather than when the duty completes. Yay so not only did I lose 5x gold I also didn't get to do as many hours as I'd usually have done

That topped off with losing over 50 mill gold on Saturday (as I used my thirst prior to them actually putting the gold into place) and then they didn't even extend it to last 48 hours (which would have helped those people whose play times meant they lost the early Saturday gold).

Can't help but feel that playa don't like me ;-)
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