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How about this:
For gold,
Say ur a certain lvl and u have 100k gold and u make 10k gold from 10 hours of cg
and you wanna give 100k gold to a lvl 1. The lvl 1 wud only get 10 gold bcuz from 10 hours of cg a lvl 1 makes 1 gold and from 10 hours of cg the lvl __ makes 10k gold
So the lvl __ wud be giving 100 hours of cg gold for 100 hours of cg gold of the lvl 1
You can only trade an item with someone in your guild
of the same class and he/she must be within 3-5 levels of you
And to prevent a lvl 100 from trading to a 95 who trades it to a lvl 90 and then to a lvl 85 etc. you cant trade an item thats been traded to you

and as for mushrooms.... idk

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