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Default Challenge SOD now!

OK so SOD are way out in front and the rest of us are fighting between ourselves with no chance of knocking SOD of their perch....right?

I have recently mailed a few 200+ toons with the idea of starting a new guild with all high level toons to attempt a run on SOD. There are many 200+ toons like myself in guilds not in the top 3.

All of you have put forward excuses as to why this is not ideal. Lets make things interesting on this server again and make a challenge together. I for one am willing to leave my guild which i have spent alot of money and time on to attempt something great. At the end of the day if we fail we can return to our old guilds and carry on with the spreadsheet wars

I am more than willing to fund this attempt with the right numbers of high level active toons. With a full high level guild our bonuses will reach max very quickly.

come on toons lets change the game and be part of something great.
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