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Originally Posted by Yahmahn View Post
Thanks for all the input! I know there isn't a "meta" in the game, but it's still nice to hear what people do. More questions incoming.

1: Are there specific bosses / dungeons worth farming over and over again for a specific loot? Or should I always be focus on purely progressing as far as I can.

2: Class Specific question: Wizards, it seems there are 2 ways to build them, you can either go mostly damage some life or you can split damage and reach 50% luck. Do you guys feel that one is easier to maintain and better for dungeon progression?

3: If you get the exp book early on (day 1), should you be buying the shop gear to help increase the numbers? Or will you slowly over time just see it in battles.

4: Is there any benefit to owning your own guild or being an officer?

5: On weapons, what is more important, raw damage with +all stats, or + primary stat and decent damage.

6: Why do multiple dungeon keys drop if you only need 1 to open it?

7: I've seen youtube videos and photos of people with over 7k mushrooms, how is that possible? Did they really spend hundreds of dollars? Or am I missing something.

8: How many times would you reroll the shop to get your book? I'm sure it's RNG based and some people may get really unlucky, would you stop after 10 retries?

9: Is there a point to making multiple characters on the same server?

10: If you could restart your character from level 1 and reach where you currently are now in 1 hour, would you have done anything different?

11: Are there any items pre-lvl 150 in the shop that you would spend mushrooms on?
1) each dungeon can only be cleared once. that being said clear them as fast as you can.

2) most ppl who have mages tend to go the damage route but when I had mages I went more balanced and it worked for me as tended to beat those damage mages cause they didn't have the HP to keep up with me.

3) I don't suggest buy gear just to fill SB do enough PVP and you will get everything.

4) being a guild leader or an officer or just a regular member not much differences other then that officers can start wars/raids and invite players to the guild or kick players. a guild leander can do that as well as promote and demote player to b an officer or a regular player also only the GL can post stuff on the guild wall. But IMO if you are gonna be a GL and a good one expect to spend money on maxing out guild (cost about 7k shrooms) if lucky you will have a few other shroomers that are willing to help with it but don't expect it.

5) depending on class will depend on what to use. warriors I found normal weapons with str onlt bonus is best other 2 classes either normal item or 3 stat epics can work. Also for me I found having a weapon with a better low end damge is best. some say high end is better but imo youwill tend to hit more at the low end then the high end so better to have the better low end side.

6) if you don't use the first key before you pick a quest you can have a chance to get another key as the opening of the dungeon triggers the code to not give that key anymore.

7) Yes ppl will spend that much and will actually use that much in a month. I had a player attack me in arena over 100+ times a day for over a month most of those attacks cost him a shroom an attack so as you see pplwill buy and yes spend them with out a thought.

8) if plying for free don't refresh to find it as most tend to get it within a week 2 at most without refreshing. if you shroom then yeah refresh till you get it. ( I believe you cant get it till you reach lvl 10 but don't quote me on that.)

9) making multiple characters on the same server will get you banned.

10) with my first toon yeah I would have started shrooming sooner

11) before lvl 100 nope except the PoeL's but after lvl 100 just epics and PoeL's and maybe a better weapon.
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