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The point is that your opponent's level is taken into account when your crit chance is computed (hold your mouse pointer over the term "critical hit" in the character window to see the formula).
The reason why the chance seems to be "downsized" each level is that the value for critical hit given in the character window is just an example, computed for an opponent of the same level as you have. If you battle foes of a lower level, your actual crit chance will be somewhat higher (up to 50%), while against opponents of higher level, it will be lower than indicated.

Luck can be a great asset in any fight, since it allows you to double the damage you make. However, crit chance is exactly that - a chance. It does depend from real life luck - you can score 10 critical hits in 10 rounds, or not a single one in 100 rounds. Therefore, the luck stat is helpful, but a lot less dependable than your primary stat (base damage) or constitution (hit points).
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