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Default Frenzy Issue

I'm waiting for my City Guard watch to end, so I thought I'd do some shopping so I'm set up when cash starts to become available.

I used the frenzy function to find a new epic in the Weapon shop. I liked the looks of it but couldn't buy it yet, so I went to the magic shop.
I used the frenzy function to find a new epic in the Magic shop. I don't want a luck epic right now, so I started another frenzy.
Then I wanted to check when my potions ran out, so I clicked on Character.

The screen flipped to the Weapons shop and started refreshing the items! Then it flipped BACK to the Magic shop as was refreshing items there too! I'm not sure if it was pulling 2x the mushrooms for the frenzies at that point or not. I've learned my lesson and will be careful with using Frenzy in the future. However, I'd like an opportunity to purchase that epic weapon again, given that I did perform any action that should have caused the weapon shop to refresh.

I do not have screenshots as I was not anticipating this issue.

Demonic Sword.
Avg Damage 359

1.Description of the bug. What did you do before the bug appeared?
- Described above
2.When did the bug appear, meaning time and date?
- July 27, 2011 - approx 10:30am EST.
3.Can you reproduce the bug?
- Have not tried to recreate, as it is too costly
4.Have you made a screenshot (Print Screen)?
- No, as stated above.
5.Browser details. Include the browser type and version (for example: Mozilla 5.2.8); The version of Adobe Flashplayer (click); System details; Internet connectivity and activity; and anything else you feel pertinent to the problem.
- Google Chrome 12.0.742.122m
6.Your In-game name and the server on which the bug appeared.
In Game Name: Darstard
Server: US1

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