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Fighting scouts: Higher dex tends to be better.

Fighting Warriors: High HP can be quite welcome, but with the evade ability you can win seemingly impossible battles. Either way, if you do more damage than the warrior and have 2/3th his HP, you're more than good to go.

Fighting mages: Mix of high hp and high damage output.
Mages are toughest. They will always kill you in a certain amount of hits, you must have the HP to last as many hits as you can while having the damage to quickly put them down.
Now, you got to check yourself whether more HP is preferable or not. Fighting high level mages for me tends to mean that mostly when they kill me I'm down to -1 mill hp or more. So sacrificing damage output for the potential extra hit will only be worth it if I get +1 mill hp.

And then you have to find a mix of that that's most preferable to you. What class or classes do you want to fight? You can make yourself strong against one class while weaker against another. That decision is completely up to your own desires.
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