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Originally Posted by Edthard View Post
I'm 83 Mage and these are my stats (without pets bonus):

Str = 404 : Base 282, Gear 122

Dex = 410 : Base 287, Gear 123

Int = 1430 : Base 647, Gear 783

Con = 1264 : Base 531, Gear 733

Luck = 1382 : Base 774, Gear 608

STR DEX are at 10 times your level.,..PERIOD..other wise you are MIN/MAX

OTHERS>> there are 2 Wiz builds...the MEANWST Luck wiz...BUT you need enough con to take 1-2-3-4 hits..
KEEP LUCK AT 50%./..
YOU DONT GET BONUS on it SUCKS, but Everyone needs it..
IMO having luck at 50% is a waste of gold as once you get near lvl 300 it will make it to that point anyhow. also I have found having luck about 25-35% tends to give more crits then higher percentages.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably

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