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Default Scout with Bow Dilemma help me decide

Okay here is my dilemma
Bow 1. Poison Spreader of the Gambler (Green)
339-631 ~485 +762 to Dexterity

Bow 2. Poison Spreader of the Gambler (Red)
287-683 ~485 +774 to Dexterity

Bow 3 in the store for 187000+1 mushroom Poison Spreader of the Gambler (Green)
328-652 ~490 +752 to Dexterity

I am not sure what bow would be my best to go with all the time or which bow I should keep in reserve for dungeons or raids. or if it is better to just sell one but which one should I sell.

I know the low hit and high hit spread is probably the greater bow because of the higher Dex bonus ( and that is good but the low hit on it bothers me a little) but how do the other 2 bows compare.

That one in the store has a 490 hit with a min of 328 so how does it compare to the -485 with the minimum 339 with greater dex bonus ?

How does the damage calculation work into all this with the one at 485 and the other at 490 does that bit really mean that much of a difference ? How would I go & calculate that in the future? if I again have this sort of choice.

So what should I do here I have 3 excellent bows to choose from. all are excellent choices, but what one should I select to go with?

Consider this I normally only find a good replacement bow once or twice a month. I do not buy mushrooms & I have a 30% mount good for 28 more Days and only 1 mushroom left. I still have 45% thirst left to finish as well.

So what is a Frog to do in this situation ?
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