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As the Devil is destroying Earth a mighty Hero rises from the Underworld...Pheonix412. "Today the war between Heaven and Hell ends". Pheonix412 kills the Devil, frees God from the worst Dungeon ever, and takes his own fort on Earth. As the most powerful force Earth has ever seen Pheonix412 stands atop a hill, places his flag, and yells "I am the King of Hill." This is the start of a great battle between the warriors of . "Now time to eat some more " Pheonix412 yelled.

*Edit* Yea secretly the Devil never killed God he just took him to a dungeon...
~"Fear the Wrath of The Norsemen! -The Norsemen S2-S7 US S1 CA S28 DE S1-S2 UK
~"To ask why we fight is to ask why the leaves fall, it is in their nature."-Assassins S8 US & S10 US

~"Where are you Little Red?"-The Wolfpack S9 US

~"Come Waste your day with us!-Daywasters S1 US
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