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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
That's true. I proposed on this forum a while ago that we need more ways to speed up build times.

For me the most disappointing thing about Pets update is the fact that it's not a Fortress update. If they wish to make any changes with the fortress the longer they wait the worse things will get.
Because the players that invested most shrooms in the Fortress will be the ones that got screwed (totally not looking at you BMWGuinness!).
I don't have a problem with alternative ways to speed up build times as long as I'm reimbursed the mushrooms I originally spent to speed up the build times. The reimbursement should be commensurate to the advantage of the alternative.

Think of it like this ... you just spent $1000 on a laptop and a month later, a coupon comes out to save $250 off the same laptop. Wouldn't you like to be able to take advantage of that $250 coupon as a refund?
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