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Default Still Looking

So, after 18 months, we're still here, we are still looking for people to join the party and we refuse to die! It's interesting, we have 5 fully active, high level members and a couple that still drop in and yet we have maintained a rank of 17 for months on this server.

Is your guild fading away? I know that some of our greatest enemies are mere shells of their former glory and it is kind of sad to see, but it is also the way these games go.

Want to keep fighting? Join the Pub Crawlers, like I said, WE REFUSE TO DIE and we want you to fight with us.

Send a request to myself (odwan) our glorious leader Dofusius or our War Marshal, Finire.

As always, our only requirement is that you have fun.

If no one wants to join us, we will soldier on!
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