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Originally Posted by MedusasSnakes View Post
This is from W1, but I'll post it here. (and yes, it's my account on w1 I'm posting about)

I had a pair of scout gloves I got from a quest. It only gave metal, no crystals. I put it through the toilet, got a pair of mage gloves out, and now it gives 200 less metal, but it added 48 crystals.

Another guild member said he put a bow that gave metal and 400 crystals, but after he put it through the toilet, it turned into a club and now only gives 90 crystals.

My thinking is, maybe warriors should put their items through the toilet FIRST, and then dismantle them and it will give MORE crystals because it will turn into a mage or scout item.

We can put more than one item in the toilet each day; we only get aura for the first item.

I don't play a warrior character on any server, so I can't test this, but it seems to be a sound theory.
Yeah it will give you a chance but not always as I did test it out.
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