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Originally Posted by DominicS View Post
Imho, I think the Banhammer has a lot to do with it, because rather than simply leave the game, those players about to be nailed (ya gotta love the pun! ) think up a slew of other excuses and reasons about why they are leaving. Often being belligerent and accusatory during their departure.
@like-minded people: Don't judge all people based on your experience with a few people. Sure, for some this may be true, but players ARE allowed to leave when THEY see fit. To put them down like above, without any solid proof, is going too far imo.

Originally Posted by DominicS View Post
I see it A LOT irl when you catch an employee stealing from you. Rather than admit their shortcomings and apologize, they get extremely defensive and argumentative.
Then you handle this in a sub-optimal way. If you have solid proof, the point should be clear and there should be no room for arguments. People only argue if you let them.