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Default dungeon help

We at mithral hall V willl now be helping other guilds with dungeon raids.

We will have some requirements to get our help and thay are:

-must have the gold for 1 more raid then planned for.
- no more then 3 raids at a time.
-we will only come if there is room we don't want any active players getting booted to make room for us.
- we will only help a guild at a max of once a month (If it is found out that an active player was booted to get us in if while we are in we will leave asap and either way we wont send help again for 3 months).
-we will not help out with defense of guild
-we will not donate gold or shrooms at this time.

Edit: will only help guilds ranked 4-30 at this time
have fun, fight hard, die honorably

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