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Unsure if they have or not as I don't have personal/RL contact with the member. I hope they do when the find out they can't log in (I'm also hoping they make a temp toon to get on and contact the guild directly for some input).

I sent a message already to support regarding the matter to see if they will look into it for suspicious behaviour. If it doesn't appear to be, then we've asked for appropriate action to be taken.

This unfortunately has taken us from 43 members down to 23 members. I did note that the 'toon' left to another guild and that guild seemed to gobble up at least 2 other members of ours. I will hope/assume this is just coincidence.

edit: I've been in touch with the guild leader of the other group this toon hopped to and they genuinely seemed shocked and concerned. The leader indicated the invites were initiated by the players themselves to join that guild and that they will do some in-house investigation to see if they can help clear up the matter.

Hopefully together we can weed out the bad apples here!


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