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Originally Posted by BLut Mit View Post

Why would someone have to give their in game name if they sent a message in game?
OK, Solid Tech... since it is obvious you are not thinking, here is another quote from what you missed.

While most will find it self explanatory, I will take the time to spell it out for you....

1st off PM = Private Message which is available here in the Forum, but is not the same as Mail in game.

2nd.... I never said PM, although that can be derived from what was said and applies... where?.... HERE.

3rd.... At no point was it suggested for them to post there name here in the Thread, for that would simply be idiotic and defeat any implied privacy there in.
**Since I posted the Quote on that already, I can not fathom how you missed it twice.

4th.... Since you missed how obvious all of this is, I will stop before your head explodes and just advise that you go away before you are considered to be Trolling this Thread.
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