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Originally Posted by Ejayrazz View Post
Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. I know it sounds surreal, but it has been completed because we all worked together. That is a lot of gold we donated and everyone donated extremely large amounts over than what is expected from them - what's best is it is voluntary. We do have minimum amounts as we need to work as a team, but everyone pretty much donated much more BECAUSE we're a team and BECAUSE we motivated each other.

As I said before, friendship and a good community comes before "Trying to be number one." Yes, we are currently ranked "number 1" on the scoreboard, but we share that rank with those who do not wish to ruin their hard-earned guild in order to merge with others only for the purpose of "winning the game." You focus too much on "Winning the game," the game no longer is a game; it's a job.
Amen to that Ejay.

A good guild with friendly players is far more important that leaderboard.

I gratz you guys for you awesome instructor ( If you dont need him on weekend mind lending him to us ? )

BUT you arent the top ranked in cookies ! you need to work on that soon !
Shakes&Fidget english comics ( Thanks Myxzoid ! )
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