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Originally Posted by Darstard View Post
Seems the event is over now. I started my work shift @ ~10pm last night to complete ~6am today. I did not receive the 5x Guard Duty amount. Quest gold values seem to have returned to normal. Banners are down in the tavern and the bartender is missing his big gold "!".'

G'dam, sonofawitch.... I 'knew' that's how it would go down...

Meh... what's new? They bunged it up once more...

(And I even took the pains to explain to them how to read a watch face in the simplest possible terms - with the 'fat, short stick,' and the 'long, skinny stick,' so they'd have no trouble understanding...
Bleh, all for nought, it seems, another waisted effort to educate 'the hapless on the beach' ... *sigh*)

Stoic about, it, or jaded - used to it by now - but still feeling slightly disappointed...

Thanks, Darstad - our shifts will not end for hours yet, but I know what to expect...

@Playa: I suggest you bring this event back, announce its starting time properly, and then... do it right!

If something goes wrong prior to the roll-out of any such timed event, please, please, do the right thing: postpone it till the next regularly scheduled server day and thirst reset.
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