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I am going to start to be a "playa" hater soon. (I need a better FURIOUS emoticon).

I woke up early this morning JUST so I could get in some questing before the server reset....only to find out that not only had they done away with the 5x gold bonus, but that the guard duty that I was on DID NOT pay out the 5x bonus (helluva time for Bullbound to be right).

You know, I am not really bothered by the fact that we missed out on 13 hours of the gold bonus, or the fact that my guard duty didn't pay off the gold bonus this morning or even that I woke up early to get in some questing before I thought they were going to change it back but what REALLY ticks me off is the extremely shoddy implementation of this bonus and the lack of communication, or just out and out lying of Playa regarding this whole situation. .

Be upfront about it, if you weren't going to extend it, say that. By putting out misinformation you are screwing up a lot of your loyal fan base in the US because they will then tailor their questing/guard duty around your lies. When your lies face the morning do you expect your players...YOUR customer react?

I am just so frustrated and disappointed.
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