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With 128% bonuses for all, 2 shots at becoming an officer in no time at all, and weekly tips, what can go wrong? Well...wait, don't answer that. This is Holding Bay. Lots of stuff can go wrong, such as a box of cats being stored next to a box of mice, Shakes's potions being stored instead of being dumped down the drain, and we are still recovering from the unfortunate fate of someone that stored kerosene, oxygen, and a box of faulty lighters in the same storage shed.

Ok, so ignore the fact that we have a few safety issues. We like to poke folks with swords and arrows, launch chickens out of the Chicken Master 3000, smack folks with the snapping turtle on a stick, and dance with our shrunken head staff of the dark forces. This is a party just waiting for you!

Come join the insanity, stick around for a bit and maybe learn a bit from our weekly tip newsletter, and save all your money for yourself while getting stronger. We have no donation requirements. We have no participation in war requirements (although it is appreciated greatly). We don't have any requirements at all...well, we do ask that you log in from time to time but that is it. Holding Bay is a fun group that will take all levels for any length of time. We currently have room for 25+ members as several have quit the game but did not delete their account. If you and/or your guild would like to come join us, drop any officer or myself a note and we'll be glad to invite you.
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