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I'm less concerned about the gold cost and more concerned about how small the stat increases are on the epics.

Once items max out at 10,000,000 gold, you'll probably be making 10,000,000 gold for 10 hours of guard duty. It's not like it's that difficult with a lvl 300+ toon to make 20,000,000+ gold with guard duty and still questing for xp in a day.

However, what really rustles my jimmies is that with an epic weekend the epics I'm getting with a lvl 306 toon are only +5 better stats than the epics I had from the previous epic weekend, which was 4 months prior. Contrast that with a lvl 275 toon in which the epic weekend upgrades are +20 better stats than the epics from 4 months prior.

What will future epic weekends bring, +2 stats for those over lvl 325? That's definitely not worth dumping 200+ shrooms to upgrade your gear. Considering that the game is so painfully slow after lvl 300, there needs to be some sort of incentive to keep people buying shrooms.
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