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Default level caps

Yes i agree. It seems to me that the creators need to do something to address this issue from within the game. I play on S8 and there seems to be alot of inactive toons there as well.

Maybe a solution is to have a toon level cap for each guild. So for example 1 guild can have ten 200+ players, thirty 100-200 plus players and so on. Different increments could be used.

To prevent guilds losing toons once they pass a certain level...perhaps if a toon has been with the guild for 6 months or more they a exempt, or maybe if they have gained 50 levels with that guild they are exempt.

This would prevent the high rotation of toons to the top 2 or 3 guilds no matter what server your on.

Any thoughts??

Originally Posted by Ganthey View Post
TheOutlier you are 100% correct...

I have found that both Natural and Elysian both actively poach players and have had quite a few of my members been actively contacted by them. Most of them have politely declined but a few have left.

My guild was founded when I was of a lower level (20-ish) and I came from another guild whom I was in taking a good friend of mine in real life and also sent an invite to a member who I had enjoyed chatting with to the new guild. He declined, but eventually came over when the original guild stagnated.

We did take on board some members from another guild that were looking to join another guild which bolstered our numbers significantly, but we took everyone from that guild that wanted to come over.

We have had a few people from other guilds join that have had conflict from with their own guilds or felt they were not a part of the team.

However this story is not unique.... There are quiet a few really good guilds on Server 6 that have been organically built ground up in this matter who I have massive respect for. Summit, Israel Attack Forces, CZECH TEAM, XaHoBeTe and heaps of others...

But as I have witnessed first hand as Natural and Elysian target the "shroomers" and high level members of these guilds the server is the big loser as these guilds become less and less competitive.

My only consolation is once there are 50 members in these guilds we will again be safe from this predatory recruiting until their next member stops buying mushrooms and falls below their activity or donation threshold...

Until then we continue to do what we can and hope the server survives...
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