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The same issue has just popped up with my brother Groog.

Barbarian Bert just won new gloves, 518 to str/con/luck, but only 2924 armor. The old gloves have only 403 to str/con/luck, but have 4970 armor. So the new gloves give 115 extra to stats but at the cost of the loss of a whopping 2056 to armor.

He's battling tower level 90, Respectable Dragon Slayer, level 378

Old gloves: armor 17690, damage reduction 46.8%, damage taken 53.2%
New gloves: armor 15644, damage reduction 41.4%, damage taken 58.6%

That's 10.2% more damage taken with the new gloves.

Old gloves: damage ~828248
New gloves: damage ~837770

That's 1.1% more damage given with the new gloves. Con and luck should help things a bit, but it's hard to believe they can make up for the armor reduction.
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