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Originally Posted by godevil View Post
What do you mean by NPC target? Is it like a quest monster or dungeon that is weak and you can get resource from them? It could be useful and interesting, but then you will have to replenish your soldiers. And depending on how many NPC you can attack a day and how strong they are, the profit you get back is questionable.

With the new 24 hours protection, are you still having trouble re-train your defense soldiers? And what is your net gain of resources a day if you collect them regularly (once every 3-4 hours)?
When you click "attack" button.there is only a Player opponent.That suggestion give you one more NPC opponent.So you can choose attack NPC or Player.In the game,some player isn't strong enough to attack other player,but they still be raided by other players.Give them a NPC target could help them grow up.If you have to use 20 soldier(cost 30k wood,10k ston) defeat the NPC.Then reward 60k wood,20k ston or higher is good.But,maybe game designer has some reason,they don't add NPC option in the fortress.

In my case,after new patch,I get attacked about 10 times per day.It less than before.I don't know the new patck did it or my enemy decide to attack less time.If I only collect resource from the Quarry and Hut.It not enough to pay training the archers and mages.My net gain of resource come from their guild's member.It's lucky to me.I can defeat some of them who have lots of resource.Maybe one day they are all stronger than me.I won't have net gain of resource anymore.
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