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Originally Posted by Vizari View Post
@ Lancious, and others that might make this mistake.
Don't look at the actual stats, rather look at the gold value.

For example, it can cost you 500k to up only one main stat, while for the same 500k you might up 20 defensive stats. (The defensive stat might be half your main, but cost wise it's only 1/20th of your main)

Con as well. You could say you'll go 80% of your main stat. But cost wise it might be worth it to go higher.
Right now, I have 2k dex, cost, 640k for a point. Following the 80% rule I'd have 1600 con. I'm at 1820 con now, with points costing 390k, which in turn is just 60% of the gold cost of a dex point.

Of course you have to consider your own ratio, but base it upon gold costs rather than total stat.
I'm not clear on what you're trying to state, Vizari. You indicate there's a difference, and using gold as a metric is better, but not how to use it. Are you, for example, going to continue building until your gold value of CON is 80% of your gold value of DEX, or is 60% good? If so, what should Lancious use as his template for point ratios based on a gold standard?

I'm not attacking your idea, just trying to flush out a full answer.
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