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I think that's a perfectly acceptable reason for declaring a guild war, I have enjoyed throwing mud, rocks and sticks at you guys(pokey goblin nips, Yippee!!). It certainly seems like your guild has grown, good for you. I am also glad to see a Guild Leader who is concerned about his/her guildies morale, I'm very happy to hear that this has been of benefit to you.

I do not believe, however, that wondering why the Gankaholics would declare war on Controlled Anarchy is dismissive. You just declared war, which is cool, but I and most I talked to were at a loss. Peeking at both sets of rosters at the time of declaration would make have made anyone wonder. As lovely as i am sure you all are, you were pretty well outgunned so it begged the question "why". I was and am unaware of any bad blood but it is that kind of game, spanking opponents and all. Sorry you felt belittled, but barring mail that I am unaware of, it's all in your head. Dropping a note pre-declaration to Sir Chose probably would have cleared all that up.

Unless you are paying attention to caliba's smack-talk. Nobody should ever listen to caliba ;P

Best of luck, see you on the field in the wee hours.

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