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Originally Posted by Ragorth the Vengeful View Post
Weekend events: Why does it have to be ‘special weekend event’ and not just ‘weekend event’, i.e. – every weekend. Slow leveling is a big problem and a good reason to quit, so improving the experience event (experience x3) and adding new events (for example ‘All double’ - experience x2, gold x2) will be a good improvement.
Declined so far, without stating a reason.
I can actually answer this one. It's done this fashion for non-shroomers.

When you do not play on shrooms, you are not able to sustain a 50% mount all the time.

And so Playa comes with the following option to a non-shroomer:

If you buy just 30 a month, then you will be able to buy 20 Beers during the main event (gold / exp) and the remaining 10 you can use to sustain your 50% mount more.

They really thought this through!

As for more or better exp events, it's tricky. This would be a great addition for high levels. But already with tons of dungeons, scrapbook and a decent guild the first 100 levels go instantly.

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