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Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post
Globetrotter not working (I tried everything except COMPLETING City Guard)

Invincible doesn't work after (0/10) for 10x in Arena

Black Gold doesn't work (unless you have to wear ALL ITEMS with black gems, I was naked with a black gem weapon)

Fashion-conscious "may" not work with non-epics (tried it)
I think Globetrotter requires that you visit all quest locations in one day.

Invincible doesn't work for me either. Some of the achievements need to be completed after the update. I guess we accomplish Invincible tomorrow.
Same goes for Heavy Spinner - finished with the wheel before the update today.

I am pretty sure Black Gold requires 9 items with 9 black gems. Although, nice try

Fashion-conscious seems a little hard to achieve...

There is a little problem in our guild. The bank is full. I can't imagine 40+ players donating 1mln each. I am planning to leave my guild, start a new one, donate 1mln gold and then go back.
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