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Thanks for your feedback!

Yes, of course it means all items with black gems! Locations are the regions in the game, Tusk Mountain, Sunburn Desert etc. ... not menu buttons.

Some achievements seem to work after the midnight refresh, especially the Wheel of Fortune.

I agree that the old medals should be added somewhere, for example on a new achievement page.

I've asked Playa and I'm waiting for their reply on item sets. Obviously, Christmas, Halloween and Easter items count but I am not sure about the rest.

Naturism: Medusa, you need to be without equipped items for 24 hours in one go but not for 24x1 hours. The counter only displays the maximum hours you've achieved so far but those hours don't stack. You need to be without items for 24 hours and might not be able to finish quests but it is one of those crazy achievements. You can choose if you want to complete it or not.

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