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I look around and notice my twin, pheonix527 is dead. I announce you killed my brother! I find a new place with God, since I saved him, in Heaven. My new Fort is guarded by Angels and is nearly indestructable. Also God has left so I hire the best merc. to help fight beside me, his name is Jesse James, yes the cowboy, Jesse James.
~"Fear the Wrath of The Norsemen! -The Norsemen S2-S7 US S1 CA S28 DE S1-S2 UK
~"To ask why we fight is to ask why the leaves fall, it is in their nature."-Assassins S8 US & S10 US

~"Where are you Little Red?"-The Wolfpack S9 US

~"Come Waste your day with us!-Daywasters S1 US
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