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Default le me ranting about the tower

The tower is pretty and all, and I think it brings some freshness to the game.

The reason I decided to post this was to make sure other people agreed with me or to ear the opinions of those who don't.

I say if you are a player aiming for the top spot on the Hall of Fame or to do your best in contribution for the guild. The tower will just provide a waste of time and money. The rewards received from the tower hardly seem fitting for a player your level.

I may be wrong because I already had strong characters and I only rushed through the first easy levels of the tower, perhaps that is why I haven't earned any interesting item. But even if I ever do I doubt it may be worth it all the trouble and wasted money, buying gear for the companions and to level them up.

Regardless of my opinion about the tower I still find it interesting and new. And I'd like to say Kudos to the team for putting together this preciousness to the game.
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