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so, to bump this thread:

I just got a new belt for barbarian Bert. here's the choice:

Old belt: 4340 armor, +373 to Str, con, luck
new belt: 2830 to armor, +422 to str, con, luck.

so the tradeoff is 49 pts to str, con, luck vs 1510 to armor.

some additional data: I'm at level 285 with armor 10542 (without either belt). I'm battling B.O. Wolf, level 336. That gives me a 44% damage reduction with the old belt and a 40% damage reduction with the new one. Or stated another way, with the old belt I will take 56% of the "no armor" damage, while with the new that will rise to 60%, a pretty significant 7.1% increase.

My average damage is 503,000 with the old belt and 506,000 with the new one.
My hit points are 9.19 million with the old belt and 9.26 million with the new one.
My critical hit for level 336 is 43.8% with the old belt and 44.9% with the new one.

So this is my analysis: the armor bonus on the old belt means I will take 56% damage, which will rise to 60% damage if I switch belts. This is a 7.1% increase in damage I will take per hit. The hit point increase on the new belt, however, will allow me to live longer, but the difference is only .76%. Similarly, I will do more damage with the new belt, but the difference is, again, small: factoring in both damage and luck, 723 with the old belt and 733 with the new one, an increase of only about 1.4%.

So it seems to me the better stats on the new belt are worth only 2% overall, combined damage and hit points, while if I give up the armor bonus on the old belt I will take 7% more damage. So the old belt is better.

Anyone see a problem with this analysis?

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