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Originally Posted by Eggman95 View Post
A few days ago i shared my fruit-statisics of the last 2 months in the german forum.

This a detailed table of my fruit findings. I added a secound sheet called "English". It is like the first one, but all the german bits are translated.

For you BMWGuinness i added the first column. It is percentage of the friuts which randomly droped with the same element like PvP was that day.
With an average of 21,12%. So i don't think that the system is biased.
This is EXACTLY the type of data I was hoping to see.

Sounds like the perceived bias towards fruit of the same element as PvP is an artifact. Probably recall bias--we notice the days it happens, don't notice the days it doesn't-- reinforced by the extra fruit building up in the inventory because we typically only use 3 fruits a day of each type.

It also shows that the range of fruit drops per day is quite broad: over 67 days, your lowest 5 were 1, 3, 3, 4, and 4 and your best 5 were 15, 13, 12, 11, and 11.

Or to summarize a different way, the average was 7.7 fruits per day, but 10% of the time you got 5 or less and 10% of the time you got 11 or more, so we should not be surprised when that happens.

Now if only we had data on the frequency of fruit drops at different quest lengths...
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