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Default Counselors ar way off

When I want to attack an opponent in the fortress the counselors advise is, more often than not, way off.

Sometimes when I want to attack a wall that are two upgrades above my soldiers upgrade the advice is to send 5 soldiers to break a wall, but that would be a wasted attack, since it takes 8-10 soldiers to break that wall.

Then when I send my lvl 95 soldiers after a lvl 62 wall, with 10 lvl 77 archers and some mages, the adviser claim I can't win sending 18 or even 24 soldiers...
But if I on another account attack a lvl 88 wall with 0 archers and some lvl 77 mages, the advise is to send 4 of my lvl 85 soldiers. If there had been no mages, they would have stood a chance, but with 1 ore more mages, no way!!