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Default Commands in guild chat


The following commands can be entered in guild chat:

/gold x donates x gold to your guild, e.g. /gold 1000
/mushrooms x donates x mushrooms to your guild, e.g. /mushrooms 10
@x sends a private message to member x (doesn't have to be in your guild), e.g. @John01 Hi John, what's up.
/me shows what you are doing, e.g. /me is eating some cookies
/gold bet x lets you bet x gold at the gambler in the tavern, e.g. /gold bet 100000. The tavern screen must be visible when entering this command.
/mushrooms bet x lets you bet x mushrooms at the gambler in the tavern, e.g. /mushrooms bet 5. The tavern screen must be visible when entering this command.
/pid displays your player ID.
/gid displays your guild ID.
/coa quick-saves your coat of arms. Copy the displayed code.
/coa x loads your coat of arms. Replace x with the code. You can also create a coat of arms, copy the code and use this code on another server so you don't have to recreate the coat of arms manually.
/album enables album mode. All scapbook item have IDs when hovering your mouse over them.
/ver displays the current game version.
/clear clears all chat posts
/redgreen 1 and /redgreen 0 turns colorblind mode on and off.

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