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No it does sweet <censored> all

just like trying to msg that leader of their guild they just attacked us for the 10 day and 20 time in a row.. back to back attacks.

they are just stealing 80 honour everytime.. we are getting no where and it is no wonder so many are upset at the giref one guild causes another

they are using intimidation tactics.. worse yet saying if we don't like it to quit the game

then tell us to quit the guild and join bigger guilds

like not very fair at all eah

not sporting at all

i bet they loved beating up all the little kids at school too it is no wonder so many have left the guild when they are unhappy at constantly being picked on by one guild

Never give up & Never surrender. Fight with your last breath. Fight 2 live & Fight 2 survive. Never say never & never say die. In time all shall die, will we transcend & attain a place afterlife. I'm tired & I'd like to go home. My fight is not yet done, I'm not yet ready to cross. Pay Charon the ferryman when I go. He will need his gold if I am to cross the river Styx

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