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Cool Guild Just For Fun Is Recruiting

Greetings one and all. As the thread title says, We of Just For Fun On Server 2 are openly recruiting. We will recruit anyone from anywhere. There are no restrictions or rules per say. Some points that you will want to consider, before you do ask aany of the guilds officers for a invite, are as follows.

1. If you are inactive (do not play or join in on guild raids) for 3+ days without written notice to a guild officer. You will receive notice that your membership within Just For Fun is at risk to new recruits.

2. Guild members inactive for 5+ days will get there second warning. They will be kicked from the guild on day 7 of their inactivity. which allows for new replacement invites to be sent out.

3. Adventurers should try to use 100% thirst per day if they can. (Using over 100% Thirst is better but I understand that most players do not have the use of mushrooms)

4. Adventurers should have a minimum of a 30% mount. Keeping 1 mushroom in reserve helps guarantee that you can maintain a 30% mount once your mounts time runs out. if you have run out of mushrooms & the time on oyur mount is up get a 20% mount and use that until you can upgrade back to a 30% mount.

5. Members with no mount at all can expect written warning of there pending dismissal from the guild. You will have 24 hours to attain the minimum 20% mount. Failure to get a mount with in reasonable time could result in your dismissal from the guild. So please try to make sure that you have a mount at all times.

6. Gold donations are not mandatory, We do expect all players below level 30 to stat up & climb levels as fast as possible so they have no need to donate any gold. Guild members once they are over level 30 can make donations of any amount they wish. 1 hour of guard duty is the normal donation

However your maximum daily gold donation should not exceed the following formula. Meaning keep it under this much.

Levels 01-029 = Maximum daily gold donation = 0 buy higher stats. No need to donate gamble your left overs.
Levels 030-049 = Your Level X 15 per day
Levels 050-099 = Your Level X 30 per day
Levels 100-149 = Your Level X 45 per day
Levels 149-199 = Your Level X 60 per day
Levels 200-249 = Your Level X 75 per Day

Please note that the above formula is just a basic guideline about making a gold donation. We do not expect anyone to follow it or to donate gold. But please do keep in mind that any gold donations you do make will help to pay for further daily guild wars and help save up for those expensive Guild Dungeon raids.

Just For Fun is currently recruiting this lately seems to be something that has been happening on a monthly basis as players come in play for a time raise a number of levels and then they go. Just this past month many new members came in and then left to start there own guild they splintered off from our own. So this has left me with a large hole to fill..

While I try not to let this guild be a spring board for the guilds above it considering I would rather much like to maintain Just for fun's membership and see it become one of the top 10 guilds. The problem with that desire, is that those things take time and seriously dedicated mushroom players. Something just for fun does not really have. Most of our guild is just playing for fun or they are like me living with a shoestring budget & just do not have the money to spend for mushrooms.

We at Just For Fun understand that peoples attitudes and characters will change with time. So if you do decide to quit playing or if you just want to seek out new adventures with another guild. Please show some respect to your other guild brethren and write a letter to the guild saying farewell. It is when players just walk away with out saying goodbye that hurts our feelings.

We like to & try to have a talkative guild once a part of the guild work at developing new friendships with the other in our guild. Please take a active part in the guilds chat with each other. We have no current guild alliance's. As the leader of Just For Fun aI am always open to the idea of an alliance & quiet possible even to a merger. (That is your guild merging in to ours)

So if you are interested in that write me a in game E-mail.

As the leader & head communications officer for Just For Fun. I will always answer you in game if you have questions or complaints or just want to speak a piece of your mind to please feel free to E-mail me or to try & Whisper a message to me in game. Since I am sometimes occuied I do not always see game whispers so it may be better to send a in game E-mail if the question is that important to you. I will always send a reply when my time permits.

All Guild Communications are written in English but since there are other members within our guild who speak other languages and play from all over the world I understand some might need help with English. So feel free to ask me to translate things to a language you understand and I will try my best by using Google translator, to translate critical guild messages into a language of your choice.

If you choose to join our guild please tell me in advance what language you want Critical guild communications written in and I shall attempt to make sure all guild E-mails are sent to your personnel E-mail via the Google translator. Thank you for reading this far, I wish you all happy adventuring and good fortune.

I look forward to seeing you in game

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Instructor bonus: 122%
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