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Magester, folks do read these posts you both are making. Angelic Demon asked to play the original game with someone. You came in and proposed a new game, with new rules. If you don't like the fact that Angelic Demon did not want to play your new game, then that is the poster's choice just like it is your choice to not play the originally posted game.

If you want to play your new game with potentially someone, I will move it to its own thread. As for what is a game and what is not, there are lots of role play games. You are trying to differentiate between role play and games, but they are not two mutually exclusive terms nor concepts. Please be careful in the future, as Angelic Demon has been nothing but polite in public about wishing to play the original game.

The original game is all about being creative and descriptive to allure the judge to your side, and away from the other side of the scenario. It is as much creative writing as it is a game of wits. Does someone say they hit you with a bat repeatedly while you play it safe and defend with a block of steel, or do you get really creative with one of your cards and attack with a swarm of rabid chipmunks?
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